Each set of Imara Nails comes with 24 sets of nails ideal for all nail sizes, glue, file, cuticle stick/pusher and adhesive tabs.

  1. Choose

Each set of Imara Nails comes with 24 sets for all sizes. Select which sizes fit each nail bed and arrange them even before you prep your nails. If you’re between sizes, choose the smaller size to prevent overlapping on your skin.

2. Prep

Remove the shine from your nails by gently filing your nails. Use a cuticle remover to push the cuticles back so the nails can fit into your nails beds properly when applied. Cleanse the nails with the alcohol pad

3. Apply

Choose between using the glue or adhesive tab. Adhesive tabs can last up to a week while the glue can last for two weeks.

To use the adhesive tab, select a match to the nails, apply the tabs on the press on nails.

For glue, apply glue to your nails and the press on nails and press on your nails for 10 seconds each

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