Answers to Application, Removal, Shipping and Returns of IMARA Nails

Application of IMARA Main Press Collection

What is IMARA Nails?

IMARA Nails is a Press On Nails studio specialized in making reusable and one-time press on nails for the modern lady.

Currently, we have two collections – Main Press Collection and Instant Press Collection.

Each Main Press Collection nail kit contains:

  • 24 Press-on Nails in 12 Sizes
  • Nail File
  • Glue
  • Manicure Stick
  • Application Guide
  • Adhesive Tabs

Each Instant Press Collection nail kit contains.

  • 30 Press-on Nails in 15 Sizes
  • Nail File
  • Manicure Stick
  • Application Guide
  • Alcohol Pad

How do I wear my nails?

Each set of Imara Nails comes with 24 sets of nails ideal for all nail sizes, glue, file, cuticle stick/pusher and adhesive tabs.

  1. Choose

Each set of Imara Nails – Main Press Collection comes with 24 sets for all sizes. Select which sizes fit each nail bed and arrange them even before you prep your nails. If you’re between sizes, choose the smaller size to prevent overlapping on your skin.

2. Prep

Remove the shine from your nails by gently filing your nails. Use a cuticle remover to push the cuticles back so the nails can fit into your nails beds properly when applied. Cleanse the nails with the alcohol pad

3. Apply

Choose between using the glue or adhesive tab. Adhesive tabs can last up to a week while the glue can last for two weeks.

To use the adhesive tab, select a match to the nails, apply the tabs on the press on nails.

For glue, apply glue to your nails and the press on nails and press on your nails for 10 seconds each

Can I shape my IMARA Main Press Collection nails?

Yes. You can file and shape your nails easily.

Can I reuse my IMARA Main Press Collection nails?

Yes. You can have 2 to 3 wears per set. Simply file the glue off the IMARA Main  Press Collection and wear them again.

If you use the adhesive tab, remove the sticky glue with the Manicure Stick and wear it again.


How do I remove my IMARA nails?

Soak your hands in warm soapy water for 10 to 20 minutes. The nails will typically fall off by themselves. Do not forcefully remove the nails as your nails may be hurt in the process.

If you plan on removing your nails early, please use the sticky tabs or apply just a little glue so it’s easy to pop off IMARA Press ons without damaging your natural nails.

Shipping & Returns

Can I change my nail set?

We are open to changing your nail set so far as it’s unworn and new. Please return the nails within 7 days after purchase.

Where do you ship to currently?

Shipping is only within Ghana at the moment. In the next few weeks, we will be shipping worldwide at good rates. Please check back again if you’re outside Ghana.

How long do you ship after I place my order?

Shipping of IMARA Press On Nails is within 2 working days in Accra and Tema and 2 to 3 working days in other regions of Ghana. Kindly call or send an email to our customer support team at hello@imaranails.com if you want express shipping.

Can I pay on delivery?

Not at this time. Kindly pay via mobile money on all networks, Visa and MasterCard, Paypal etc on the website.

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