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About IMARA Nails

The Company

Nothing beats well-manicured nails. Yet, women all over the world understand how difficult it is to find the right nail design, the time involved to fix pretty nails and the damage acrylic and gel-based formula has on nails over time.

We created IMARA Press On Nails to give you a plethora of nail design, ease to do your nails at your convenience while protecting the health of your natural nails.

Our Mission

Each IMARA nail set is crafted with a personalised approach to the beauty needs of the modern woman. Young or old, you will find a set of press-on nails to easily switch your nail style whether for the weekend or work week.

Our Vision

Women all over the world deserve beautiful nails without compromising the health of their natural nail. Imara Press On Nails was created to ensure beautiful healthy nails.


No need to wait in line at the salon or wait for your next salon appointment for a fresh nail set.

Pop our press on set in 10 minutes or less.

Easy To Wear

Each kit comes with either a manicure stick, nail file and an adhesive tab or glue or both. File your nails gently and choose either the adhesive tabs or glue to wear the nails. Pretty simple.

Natural Nails Protection

Beautiful nails shouldn’t come at the expense of the health of your natural nails. We designed IMARA press ons to protect your nails while you slay.

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